The Warden East Dallas

“It’s a horn-filled, country-tinged tune filled with East Dallas references and an undeniable chorus….”

From Central Track: “About a year or so ago, Ward Richmond got an itch to put his old band back together. Following the birth of his daughter, he experienced a … Continue Reading →

“Combining all that is good about Country Music that was born in a Honky-Tonk on the wrong side of town…”

From No Depression: “On the Ninth Day God Created Honky-Tonk. On Feb. 6, 2000, my life took a musical surge to the left and my tastes changed forever. That was … Continue Reading →

“Maybe, like East Nashville, East Dallas is now the place to go…”

From American Standard Time: “We do so much talking about Nashville and Austin, sometimes it’s easy to forget to scour other cities for their great country scene (did you know … Continue Reading →

“The Warden is advertised as East Dallas honky tonk, and that’s a pretty good description of this album…”

From “Finding music is a funny thing. In fact, it often feels like music finds you. Sometimes you have some music in your collection that a friend passed along … Continue Reading →