The Warden East Dallas


The Warden (2015)

“The Warden has done…his own self-titled album, released October 9th on independent label Idol Records. If it’s any indication as to the scene happening in East Dallas, it makes the place I’d not heard of until now a blip on the radar to watch.” – American Standard Time

“Rip-roaring punk-tinged country rock that has at its heart a spirit of off-the-wall greatness” –

“Self-described as “East Dallas honky tonk,” the record mixes foot-stompin’ honky tonk and authentic, Texas-style storytelling with a slight dash of Southern punk rock, resulting in a countrified memoir looking back over the past fifteen years of The Warden’s life, presenting tales of lifelong friendships, falling in and out of love, and the wild-ass adventure that happened along the way.” –

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