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The Warden

East Dallas Honky Tonk

“Down in Dallas, they’ve got Big Tex, the Cowboys, the world’s best
margaritas and endless other reasons to come visit. They’ve also got a
fun-loving troubadour called The Warden who knows the best Dallas has
to offer is a little off the beaten path.

After 38 years of cruising the streets of East Dallas causing trouble,
and more than of 20 of those playing in bands like rockabilly trio
Slick 57 and honky-tonk goofballs Boys Named Sue, few in town know how
to navigate Dallas’ booze-soaked nightlife scene – or how to sing
about it quite as pointedly as The Warden.

On his sophomore solo record L-I-V-I-N, The Warden serves as equal
parts East Dallas cheerleader and tour guide, shining light on his
favorite dive bars and haunts. Not to be pigeonholed as a record for
locals only, the album’s lighthearted and hyper specific lyrics will
resonate with people livin’ well beyond the Dallas city limits.

“Listening to Lucero makes me want to go to Memphis and hang out at
The Buccaneer,” he says. “Listening to Guy Clark used to make me want
to go to Austin and drink a mad dog margarita (until I actually did
that). In the same way, I hope my music inspires the people to come
hang out at The Landing and eat a cheeseburger with me.”

Beyond its fast living and hard drinking surface, L-I-V-I-N finds an
aging thirtysomething coming to grips with adulthood. This time
around, the wild times in songs like “Downtown” and “Let’s Get High
Tonight” are approached from a lens of nostalgia. Drying out over the
past year and raising a daughter has helped The Warden view the world
through what he calls “more adult-colored lenses.” Fortunately, he has
a real knack for uncovering beauty in the mundane, and finding
excitement in absolutely every type of activity he’s engaged in, be it
a business trip (“Costa Rica”) or a lazy day with the wife (“So

Hard drinkin’ or sober livin’, working his corporate job in the trucking industry or fronting his old school honky-tonk band, The Warden lives by a code of seeking pleasure, even
if he has to make it from scratch. With L-I-V-I-N, he hopes not only
to inspire others to find the little joys in whatever they’re doing,
but provides them a pretty bitchin’ soundtrack to throw on when they
do.” – Cory Graves

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